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Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Griezmann: When players pay a dirty head!

When you play football, there are those who have the class and those who do not. Sometimes you even pay for a disgusting head when you didn’t ask anyone …

Have you ever seen your face when you’re playing? For most football players, the answer is no for a simple and good reason: No one is filming you or taking your picture. But for professionals, that’s another story! In the heat of the action, they no longer control themselves and their image sometimes takes a hell of a blow. We are not going to blame them because it allows us to make a mockery of them and to bring them back a little on earth for some (hi!). Okay OK, the photographers are not always very friendly and could have left some clichés aside. But once the photo is out, it is already too late.
When you still have to muscle your game
“God, if you hear me …”
“Are you the big Dada?”
Nice complicity between teammates
Always in the right shots this Gourcuff!
“I’m looking for truffles!”
Solid as a career!
CR7 took a shot of old man!
“At least I still have my teeth!”
The World (de Griezmann) is stone
They make an extra pair for 1 euro at Afflelou if ever …

Day after cooked
Smiley Not happy

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