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Cristiano Ronaldo: “I am the No.1 football and ping-pong”

A former referee told a story about the time he still officiated on the field. Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso and Ping-Pong are on the menu of this anecdote.

The former Spanish referee Iturralde Gonzalez gave an interview for the Cadena Ser in which he evokes his memories of man in black. He shared an anecdote in which Cristiano Ronaldo, the man who was worth 110 million is the main character: “Once an interview (with Cristiano Ronaldo editor) came out in a sports newspaper on the previous Thursday, and I arbitrated them on Saturday against Seville.” At halftime the Real Madrid lost 0-1, I stopped Xabi Alonso and I told him: “Hey Xabi, can we get this one?” (Cristiano Ronaldo, ed.) “and he said to me: ‘ Yes yes quiet.” “He lives in his world but you can tease him.” What Mr. Gonzalez hastened to do: “He (Cristiano) had said in the newspaper that he was the number 1 at ping-pong and I have a ping-pong table at home and I like it, so I said to him: ‘ Cristiano, you have a big mouth. ‘ What CR7 replied: “Itu, I didn’t tell you, I’m not talking to you.” The continuation of this dialogue that Audiard would have denied is below.

“Yes, you talk too much.” Be cool. I read that you were the number one at the ping-pong, “and I explode you at Ping-Pong,” launched Gonzalez who continues his thrilling tale: “He looks at me from top to bottom and he says, ‘ I’m number 1 on the pitch and ping-pong ‘ and he goes back to the field.” End of story? Not yet: “During a Betis-Real, a year later, we were getting warmed up and I was told: ‘ Hey, Cristiano’s whistling, he wants something. ‘” At 40 meters he greeted me with the hand as if he was playing ping-pong and launched me ‘ How’s it going? ‘ Unfortunately the story does not say if CR7 responded to the challenge launched by Mr. Gonzalez. So, Cristiano? We talk and then we do not assume? 

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