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Cristiano Ronaldo: “I am the best player of the last 20 years”

Before fighting the Euro, Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview for an Italian magazine in which he talks about his immense talent.

Mister Melon struck again. Cristiano Ronaldo who has many goals for the Euro 2016 starts his campaign of COM ‘ for the Golden Ball, and he attacks hard! The one who will be arguing the fourth Euro of his career with Portugal gave an interview for the Italian magazine L’undici in which he came back on … his talent simply: “To what rank I am in the ranking of the best players for 20 years?” “I have to be positive and I think with my results I can think that I am the best.” Ronaldo pure sugar that has nothing to envy melon level to the late Mohamed Ali. Instead of comparing themselves to the other best players (at random Zidane, Henry or even Messi), CR7 preferred to talk about his impact on football: “The best ones always influence their sport and I think I had a big impact.” I can’t say how much time will tell but if you can run fast, jump higher than others, be strong and agile at the same time, you can make your talent always more effective.

Cricket also underlined the work he provides, quasi H24, to arrive (and stay) at this level: I have worked very hard to get to the highest level and I continue to do so to stay where I am. I keep the same attitude and involvement in every workout, every game. I take care of myself to continue to make history of this sport for many years. El Commandant is well known for his hard work, to the point of sometimes forgetting Irina Shayk. His ex. CR7 and Portugal would enter the track next Tuesday against Iceland for their first game of Euro 2016. One of the last opportunities for cricket to shine with his national team. Do you think CR7 is the best player of the last 20 years?

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