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Cristiano Ronaldo: Hugo Lloris The Clash!

More than a month after the fact, Hugo Lloris has still not digested the attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo in the final of the Euro 2016 … Bad player the French porter?

While the 2016/2017 season has already resumed for many players, some have not forgotten some moments of the previous season, especially during the last game. If we consider that the Euro 2016 was part of the previous year, we propose to remind you of a key moment of the final, the injury of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has just retouched the ball to training at Real Madrid. While the game is slow to pack despite good first French intentions, Pam goes Franco on CR7 and aggravates the injury of the Portuguese, who does not recover. First strappé to the leg, the captain of the future champions of Europe finally throws the sponge and leaves his partners after 20 minutes of play. A terrible news for the show. But above all a pretext for the Portuguese to close even more the game.

Finally, that is the opinion of Hugo Lloris. The goalkeeper of the French team expressed himself in an interview for France Football: “Ronaldo broke the pace, and that was very annoying on the ground.” It has to be Ronaldo, a huge player for whom we have a lot of respect, he really broke the pace of the game. “And that made the Portuguese even stronger since they were eleven to defend.” Maybe, but it feels a little furious on this one, Hugo, right? In any case, it is not CR7 ‘s fault that Eder surprised Lloris with a 25-metre strike. Yes, it still hurts to think about it in fact …

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