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Cristiano Ronaldo: His son got bored serious during Portugal-Croatia

A photo of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr travels on Twitter, showing the son of cricket bored to death at the stadium in front of Portugal-Croatia. A bit like us …

Not always easy to be the son of Cristiano Ronaldo, the “greatest sportsman of all time” … Ok, we have fun every week or almost to follow the Real, its galactic and its BBC, but there is a setback to the medal. CR Jr also has to type the matches of Portugal. If it is usual, last night, the son of cricket had to battle to stay awake during this purge of about 116 minutes. No shooting framed for nearly 2 hours, even less opportunities, failures, galleys, brief … It was not the joy at the Bollaert Stadium of Lens in a game that was announced as the most interesting since the beginning of the competition. It was ultimately the most annoying. A small montage appeared on Twitter shows the little Ronaldo arms dangling, the look turned off or the air frankly annoyed.
Usually yet, Cristiano does everything to entertain his son. He shoots a good twenty times a goal by game, he runs, he yells, he moves. But last night, nada! It took 117 minutes for Cristiano to finally try his luck, rather limply, but the success being with him, the ball arrived on Quaresma who sent Portugal in quarters. The Quaresma-Ronaldo duo always works, no matter what happens. Some will say that the important thing is the qualifier, a conclusion that probably does not share Cristiano Jr who would surely have preferred to be in New Jersey in the night from Sunday to Monday to attend the final of the Copa America Argentina-Chile, with his favorite player, Lionel Messi. What did you think of Portugal-Croatia?

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