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Cristiano Ronaldo: His method (fragrant) to return to the top

To carve out a body foolproof, Cristiano Ronaldo has adopted a new method that should not make a lot of jealous.

Cristiano is a machine. Portuguese does not stand in front of anything to be on top physically. Neither the bodybuilding, nor the race, nor the repetition of the ranges scare him so much that it allows him to be the best. Touched at the knee last July, Cristiano Ronaldo works as a bull to find the land, and not a detail is left out to accomplish this goal. The Marca newspaper reveals that CR7 has adopted a new method to return to 100%. Sweating. Marca recounts that cricket trains under 30 degrees minimum, with a premium sweater to perspire well. His goal is to lose weight to the minimum (ie in water) so that his knees suffer as little as possible after his injury suffered against France which prevented him from resuming the competition at the same time as his teammates.
This sweater (which bears so well his name), CR7 hardly leaves him during his workouts, while his teammates are still in short sleeves. He has a small side maso Cristiano no? El commander is obsessed with his body and doesn’t let anything pass. Even on vacation it is very careful, away from the Rooney or Higuain who they, get serious in summer. No, Cristiano does not let himself go and even has everything planned for the rest of his career. Well aware that he will not rejuvenate, he has developed a plan that should make him lose a small kilo a year, so as to preserve his joints so solicited. Maybe at this rate he can actually continue up to 41 years as he wishes.

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