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Cristiano Ronaldo: His message to the guests of his hotel

Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to send a message to the guests of his hotel in Lisbon.

A new chapter has been added to the already very big Book of the m├ęgalomanies of Cristiano Ronaldo. For a few weeks, the Portuguese has opened luxury hotels stamped “CR7”. Class, right? Obviously, a hotel “CR7” was not going to look like the first hotel came, standardized and soulless, no. Entering this hotel, we enter the universe Cristiano Ronaldo with photos, replicas of trophies he won but above all, a quotation attributed to him. Upon arriving at the reception, the happy customer will therefore be entitled to a message from our master to all: “Your love makes me strong.” “Your hatred makes me unarrestable.” From Cristiano pure jus who loves to both sit his power on the common of mortals and play the artist misunderstood. We on our side tried to imagine other messages that could accommodate the guests of the hotel “Pestana CR7”..
I am the unloved, I am the evil-loved, people know me as I want to show me …”
You have an airport in your name?”
“Forbidden to the Messi”
“The pictures of me are forbidden, do you manage with my statue of Wax”
“You’re a man, you are 31 years old and you don’t have a statue of yourself?” “No, but hello what!”
“I’m rich, beautiful and strong, and people are jealous.” (Authentic quotation
“Why always Me?” All right, this one’s from Balotelli do you think the phrase should welcome CR7 ‘s clients?

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