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Cristiano Ronaldo: His message of support to the island of Madeira

Ravaged by fires, the island of Madeira, from where Cristiano Ronaldo originated, received the support of the footballer.

We know, Cristiano Ronaldo is very attached to his native island of Madeira. Moreover, the local airport was renamed on its behalf and the airline Ryanair had entered “Ryanaldo” on one of its planes for the opening of the line to this Portuguese destination in the Atlantic Ocean. In the last few days, it is a little less joyful information that has made the news because Madeira has to deal with violent fires, which have already made four casualties and resulted in the evacuation of more than a thousand people on the spot. Touched by what is taking place, CR7 would have personally called the president of the island, Miguel Albuquerque, to assure him of his support and offer him financial assistance. Great Lord! A new proof of the player’s generosity, which has not been spared by critics in recent times. Isn’t that Jose Mourinho?
So cricket posted a message on his Facebook page with a few words: “It is with a pinch at the heart that I look at what is happening in Madeira (and in other parts of the country).” A lot of strength to all and a thank you to the firefighters who have the courage to risk their lives to save so many others. “I’m with you!” Of course, it is not known what is the exact sum that the Portuguese will give (a million euros according to Sport24) but the gesture is already beautiful. To read ALSO: Cristiano Ronaldo congratulates his teammates Real Madrid!

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