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Cristiano Ronaldo: His 4 goals that Messi will not reach

This season Cristiano Ronaldo can beat four records to which Messi can not even dream.

He’s back! Cristiano Ronaldo will tread the lawn of Santiago Bernabéu this Saturday, 2 months after his injury in the final of the Euro 2016. And the least we can say is that Cristiano has the fangs. This season, as the as pointed out, the Portuguese has ticked 4 goals that Messi could not even dream of reaching this season. The first of these goals, and the easiest to achieve, is to score more than 30 goals this season, which would make him the first player in history to surpass the bar of 30 goals over 7 consecutive seasons. The last six seasons, CR7 has scored 40, 46, 34, 31, 48 and 35 goals. Crazy stats. The second challenge of cricket is to win his fifth Golden shoe. His last shoe, he won it on October 13 to top up a 2014-2015 season of crazy where he scored 48 goals. In comparison, Messi won “only” three times the trophy that rewards the European top scorer of the season.

The third goal of cricket will be to win a second Champions League in a row with the same club, which has never been done since the introduction of the new LDC formula. Finally, CR7 could become the one and only player to score 5 goals in a single game for the third consecutive season. Messi on his side managed to score 4 goals in one match over three consecutive seasons. We understand better why Cristiano Ronaldo did everything to get back to the competition as soon as possible. The show starts this Saturday on the lawn of Santiago-Bernabéu facing Osasuna.

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