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Cristiano Ronaldo gives his name to an airport!

Madeira Airport will soon be renamed “Cristiano Ronaldo Airport” as a tribute to the country’s child. Cool or not?

So Cristiano Ronaldo’s narcissism has no limit? After opening a hotel soberly called “Pestna CR7”, Ronaldo agreed that the Madeira International Airport is named after him. It was the regional governor of the island, Miquel Albuquerque, who decided to honor the country’s child by renaming the Îlien Airport as the triple gold ball. For the anecdote, this airport is one of the most dangerous in the world. Its location, between the sea and the mountains, without forgetting the strong gusts of wind, make it a difficult place for the most experienced riders. Hopefully this new name will not provoke an invasion of butterflies on the airport as on the head of cricket in the final of the Euro 2016. Remains a question, will these homages continue? We have some ideas: we could rename the island of Madeira “Cristiano Ronaldo Island” or hit the 2 euro coin of the minois of Ronaldo, or even make him a statue (ah no, that he already).
In any case if you are fans of Cristiano, a little while in Madeira is necessary, between a night in his hotel, a visit of his museum, obviously passing by the airport in his name, the references to the Real Madrid player are numerous. Anyway, the holidays are soon coming to an end for CR7. Wounded in front of France, he misses the European Supercup but will resume work in Madrid the next day to be ready to return to the arena as soon as possible. This summer will be in any case to mark a white stone for the Portuguese who probably comes to validate his fourth Golden Ball. Respect. What are your ideas to pay homage to Cristiano Ronaldo?

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