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Cristiano Ronaldo gets hacked by Sigthorsson

Cristiano Ronaldo took a big cleat on the part of Kolbeinn Sigthorsson who did not forget the attacks of CR7 after Portugal-Iceland.

Sigthorsonn is vindictive. At the end of the Portugal-Iceland match, we remember Cristiano Ronaldo’s cleat against his opponents at night. Annoyed by the draw, the Portuguese had taken on the Icelandic players: Iceland has not tried anything, they have only defended, defended, defended and played against it. […] It’s a lucky night for them. For me it is a small mentality. That is why they will not do anything in the competition. Well, the statistics is not his forte. It turns out that Icelanders and their “little mentality” will face the Blues tomorrow night in the quarter-finals of the Euro. Kolbeinn Sigthorsonn did not forget the tirade of CR7 against his team and retaliated in an interview at France Football: When we saw this, frankly, we laughed! We know our qualities and our faults but we are not too interested in what Ronaldo thinks. I just hope that we can play again against Portugal and that would be in the final. Just to show him that we’re capable of a lot of things. At least we’ve already won a game in this Euro. Bang! Drop the mic.

Sigthorsson alludes to the course of Portugal in this Euro, far from being brilliant, but effective. After 3 draws in group stage and a pitiful 3rd place, Portugal had to wait for the overtime to beat Croatia (1-0) in the eighth, and then to impose itself on the targets against Poland in quarters. Conclusion? The band at cricket did not win a match in 90 minutes. Iceland has won two times in this Euro. The first time against Austria (2-1) in the group stage, and the Second against England, (always 2-1) in 8th. So OK, we would like to see a duel between Portugal and Iceland, history of the balance of the accounts, but we prefer to see the blues of France qualify for the semi-final and why not meet Portugal in the final. What do you think of Sigthorsson’s comments?

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