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Cristiano Ronaldo “Forgotten” by Alexis Sanchez in his team-type

Alexis Sanchez has designated his “11” Dream, an “eleven” where not a certain Cristiano Ronaldo appears.

Cristiano Ronaldo is truly an artist misunderstood. After having been denied the number one place in the world by Xavi, Portuguese was not even selected in the Alexis Sanchez team-type. When it’s not going to … The Arsenal player unveiled his “11” Dream, without CR7. Instead of goalkeeper, Sanchez selected the ogre Oliver Kahn: “For the energy he has, for his ambition to win each ball,” said the player. In the left lane, it was Roberto Carlos who was named: “He comes out playing with the ball, he’s one of the best in the world at his post.” Right side it is another Brazilian who had the favors of Alexis, Cafu: “Lateral right that rises and goes down, I like it a lot.” In central defence, the former Barca player chose Carles Puyol: “We played together at Barça, it’s a captain who gives you energy, envy.” To complete the defensive line, Sanchez took a legend, Paulo Madini: “He is like Puyol, he has character, he never loses a ball and he comes out very well.”

Another affront to Cristiano, Xavi is part of the “eleven” type of Sanchez: “I played with him at Barca too.” “It’s awesome to see him play, the best I’ve seen in midfield.” Well, the defense is five minutes away. Sanchez got knock by composing an offensive area of crazy with Ronaldinho who “makes people vibrate”, Pelé “because he does what he wants” and even … Ronaldo (The Real): “El Fénomeno.” “For me it’s the best of all time, the best in the world.” What would a team-type without Maradona be? Sanchez doesn’t want to know, “Everyone knows who he is and I like him when he has the ball.” Finally, to finish in beauty, Alexis Sanchez has selected … Lionel Messi: “I also played with him at Barca.” In its position, provoking by coming from the left that’s his profile. It is the drop of water, sorry Alexis, but you will never be the poto of Cristiano .

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