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Cristiano Ronaldo: The Euro Trophy is in its museum

he trophy of the Euro won by Portugal was grabbed by a certain Cristiano Ronaldo to display it in his own museum. That’s the team spirit!

You know, Cristiano Ronaldo is not the kind of guy to do things halfway. From the statue to his effigy at the airport in his name, passing through many restaurants that bear his CR7 claw, he does not lose an opportunity to highlight his brilliant career. Recently, you were also shown the greeting that visitors to his museum can read: “Your love makes me strong.” “Your hatred makes me unarrestable.” Modest. To garnish its beautiful collection of trophies, the Portuguese recently placed the Euro 2016 won with its country in front of a beautiful showcase. He announced it since his Facebook account with this message: “The cup of Portugal is now in my museum, I am so happy.” “Come and visit him in Madeira.”
Go for a little publicity stunt for this Atlantic island that no one knew before Ryanair opened an overhead line by naming a “Ryanaldo” airplane. Well, well, well… So we wonder how other Portuguese players do if they want to show their loved ones the cut without having to type the trip. Fortunately, Eder did not have a museum in his name because there would surely have been debate … Yes because the hero of the final is him anyway (finally the hero …) We understand each other. If he refuses to be taken in pictures by fans, Cristiano Ronaldo is not against the idea that they come in his museum. As long as they pay their entry … Do you want to visit the CR7 Museum?

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