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Cristiano Ronaldo degalvanized by Mourinho!

José Mourinho did not at all, but then not at all, appreciated the attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo in the final of the Euro 2016. which has earned CR7 a descrub in good standing.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho can not see each other. The two men had a lot of snags when they met at Real Madrid, and neither of them forgot. Especially not Mourinho who decided to pick up again at CR7 and his attitude in the final of the Euro 2016 in an interview for Sport TV, published on record: “Cristiano Ronaldo has not brought anything in the last minutes of the Euro finale,” he launched. We remember the cinema of CR7 on the edge of the lawn that spent the last few minutes playing the coach by giving tactical instructions, running around and even jostling his breeder. The slack did not appreciate and handed a diaper: “He simply lost the emotional control.” “It was the eleven players who were on the playing field and it was the breeder who ran them in truth,” continued Mourinho assuring that Cristiano, who could stay at Real until retirement, was “overwhelmed by emotion.”
Mourinho clearly did not appreciate the overtaking of his former player who thought he might also be giving him the position of breeder. After all, he already has an airport and two hotels, it’s held. In any case the new coach of Manchester United did not want to leave without swinging a last volley: “He has not contributed in anything in the last few minutes.” “I saw his attitude as an emotional overflow that he lived while there was only a few minutes left to reach the goal that everyone wanted.” This should further refresh the relationship between CR7 and Mourinho. Do you agree with Mourinho?

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