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Cristiano Ronaldo congratulates his teammates of Real Madrid!

Even if he was not on the field during the European Supercup, Cristiano Ronaldo vibrated for his teammates, the proof!

Real Madrid won the third European Supercup of its history by beating Tuesday FC Sevilla (3-2, A.P.) in Norway, under a very … Norwegian sky. It is certain that the framework was not the same as in Monaco, where this game is usually held between the winner of the Champions League and that of the Europa League. And for this shock 100% Spanish, real could not count on Cristiano Ronaldo, still in the phase of recovery after his injury in the final of the Euro 2016 (he went strong in real panda …). So CR7 had to be content to watch it on TV, from Madrid, where he trains (very) hard to get back in shape. His thirst for titles pushes him to make every effort to fight a maximum of matches and that, it forces respect!
On his social networks, the Portuguese proved that he certainly did not do anything else of his evening that watching his friends was paying the Norwegian charm since he posted a message before and another after the encounter. With a little word of encouragement first: “Not on the ground but always with you!” “Good luck, guys!” Then a very soft “Champions.” (Note the point). He can be blamed for certain traits, as did José Mourinho or actress Elena Anaya, who described her as a “noxious figure”. But CR7 is also a model teammate.

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