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Cristiano Ronaldo clashed by Oliver Kahn!

After his pitiful match against Iceland, Cristiano Ronaldo was well taken by Oliver Kahn, who never hesitates to go after CR7.

He really didn’t need that. After a galley match and a draw against Iceland, Cristiano Ronaldo has just taken a big cleat by Oliver Kahn, once a terrifying guardian of the Mannschaft. Now a consultant for ZDF, Kahn did not take gloves to tackle CR7: When a player like him gets old, he has to realize the time that passes. It’s annoying to see the same image all the time, this way of overplaying, this cinema. » Bang: Must live with his time, cricket! At the same time, Ronaldo must surely think about his conversion after football, and cinema is a track to dig for the one who knows how to dive, howl and take superhero postures. The former Bayern goalkeeper from Munich was not finished with his favourite target and came up with the example of the last final of the Champions League: “He scored the decisive penalty in the final of the C1, he can take off his jersey.” But he just, who won so much and is so famous should hold back. And also think a little about the players of Atlético. That would make him really big. Instead he makes fuss, I get drunk.

Oliver Kahn who had already criticized Cristiano for showing too much his abs is also back (quickly done) on the match of the triple Gold ball against Iceland: he was discreet. With the role he holds he should have had to battle a lot more. This is an opinion shared by a lot of people after the very average delivery of cricket, which has obtained two beautiful occasions, none of which has found the framework. It could have stopped there if Madrid had been able to accept the loser. Of course not! He dared to attack Iceland on his game (and he should not have). Let us hope that Ronaldo and his teammates will be back on Saturday against Austria, before returning to Hungary leader of the group. A match that will still be commented on in Germany by … Oliver Kahn. Do you agree with Kahn?

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