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Cristiano Ronaldo: A big increase in sight?

In the absence of recruits, Real Madrid would have decided to put the package to conserve Cristiano Ronaldo by offering him a (very) nice increase.

Cristiano Ronaldo walks on the water. Between the victory in the Champions League, the Euro and the golden ball that stretches his arms, everything smiles at him. Not only sports side, but also bank account side. Before the summer, the Portuguese managed to convince Florentino Pérez to extend his contract to the Real. result, a new lease up to 2020 and a salary increase. According to OkDiario, CR7 is now expected to receive EUR 20 million a year, an increase of 2 million compared to its current deal. Who wouldn’t dream of having such a generous boss? In the absence of a successful mercato, Real Madrid will have at least ensured the presence of its best player for at least four more years. And as in Real we dig the glitter, Florentino Pérez would have planned a show in Santiago Bernabéu to (re) introduce Cristiano Ronaldo!
Notice to those who would like to be part of it, the Fiesta will take place on 1 September at 1 pm in the den of Real Madrid according to the Spanish site. Remains one crucial question, until when will this last? CR7 celebrated his 31 and a half years and, all Ronaldo is he, he will not rejuvenate. His new contract should link him to the Casa Blanca until 2020, he will then be 35 years old. Real isn’t used to playing grandpas (remember Raul and Casillas) and it’s hard to imagine Cristiano staying quietly on the bench. In fact, it was the main interest that made it clear. Quoted by Diario Madridista, Cristiano would have warned his President: “The day that Real Madrid no longer wants me, I will not stay another second here.” At least it’s clear, for Ronaldo, the love of the turf is stronger than the love of the jersey.

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