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Cristiano Ronaldo always trains apart at Real Madrid

As La Liga soon resumes his rights, Cristiano Ronaldo continues his recovery phase by training himself apart.

This is a secret for anyone, Cristiano Ronaldo will not be the part for the revival of the real Madrid Liga, scheduled this Sunday 21 August on the field of real Sociedad (15). The Portuguese, who had injured himself in the final of the Euro 2016 (well tempted Pam but that was not enough …), has been treating himself for more than a month and his club has decided to take no risk to return with all his physical abilities. Besides, he works (very) hard to be at the top of his form as quickly as possible. On this point, nothing can be reproached to CR7, always hot to chain the sessions even if he does not touch the ball (it must itch). So we find him apart from training in the last few days. Finally, he shares some accelerations with his compatriot Pepe and Coentrao (it must speak cod fillet between them …).
The Spanish sports daily Marca advanced a few days ago that Cristiano should not play the first two days of the championship to return rather early September with the return of the Champions League. One would understand that His Majesty is not very hot to return to the Celta Vigo and that he prefers to wait for the stars of the European Cup to mark his return to business. But be careful jacki, do not wait too long because Lionel Messi is already in shape and could advance to the ranking of the scorers … Are you looking forward to the return of CR7?

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