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Real Madrid: The BBC is no longer afraid

This season the BBC is in slow motion. Together, Benzema Bale and Ronaldo have scored only 3 goals since the beginning of the season.

Benzema-Bale-Ronaldo, BBC. There was a time not so far in which these three letters made the European defences shudder. That was before. This beginning of the season marks the decline of the BBC which is no longer just the shadow of itself. Together on the ground, the three attackers scored only 3 small goals-one each-in 281 minutes, a goal every 93 minutes … In full, the BBC showed the fangs first facing Las Palmas thanks to Benze who scored from the 8th minute. It was then Cristiano Ronaldo who scored against Borussia Dortmund, and finally Bale put his goal in front of Eibar. But as we know, the BBC is not that successful and party. Faced with Sporting Portugal, Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo spent 67 minutes together on the ground, without any of them finding the flaw. Certainly, CR7 scored but Benze was already out. It’s nerdy. In front of Villarreal, Rebeloe. 72 minutes of play set and no goal of one of the three buggers.

Well obviously it should be stressed that if the three men have played so few games together it is because of the physical problems that have disabled Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema during the preparation and even beyond. Taken individually, the stats of the three are not much brighter. In 8 official games, Benzema scored only 2 goals. It’s a little better for Bale who found the bottom of the Nets three times in 8 games. But the most effective still remains Cristiano Ronaldo with 3 goals in just 6 games. Hopefully the BBC machine that made us so Karami last season restarts in a whirlwind after the truce.

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