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FIFA 17: Cristiano Ronaldo, his evolution between Fifa 04 and today!

FIFA 17: Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone changes over time, including Cristiano Ronaldo, who has undergone serious facelifts between Fifa 04 and the latest born of the licensed EA Sports, FIFA 17. Supporting evidence!

The years follow their course and new technologies constantly see the light of day. At the centre of this constantly evolving ecosystem, video game developers, who benefit from ever more powerful tools and means to lay works closer to reality. EA Sports is one of those to be equipped with highly advanced equipment and they proved it as of September 29th by deploying on the market the game passion of the moment, FIFA 17. The umpteenth part of the FIFA series that everyone was waiting for and in which it is possible to control one of the most media players and the most talented of the planet namely Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese, the recent winner of the Euro 2016 and Real Madrid icon, is undoubtedly one of the favorite players of the happy owners of FIFA 17. With excellent stats and outstanding quality in the field, Cristiano Ronaldo also seduces from his photo-realist side, the latter having been carefully reproduced by the teams of EA Sports. It can be seen in this recent comparison of the faces of real Madrid players between Fifa 17 and PES 2017 but also in this video signed AwesomePCgames where we show his evolution between Fifa 14 and today. A content that certainly recalls how quickly the time passes but which nevertheless bears witness to the real gap and the enormous technological progress made since the release of the soft in 2003. The Gaming stories with Coca-Cola lets you admire the real real metamorphosis of Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s impressive! What is your opinion on the subject?

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