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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why his son does not play Real Madrid?

Find out why Cristiano Ronaldo decided not to register his son at the Benjamins of Real Madrid.

Like Father like son? At 6 years old, Cristiano Jr is now in the age of starting football, but unlike the sons of the other Real players, the little Cristiano will not wear (right away) the same jersey as his father. CR7 decided to register it in another club, and not to start it at Real Madrid. Why this choice? According to El Mundo, Portuguese wants to keep his son from Valdebebas, the training center of Real Madrid, to protect him and save him too much pressure due to his name. Quoted by the section the Otra Croninca of the newspaper, a source also explains that CR7 does not like to mix work and private life: “Unlike other players like Zidane or Figo whose involvement in the club exceeded the professional framework, Ronaldo likes to separate feelings and work.” For him it is a pride to play Real Madrid, but his team of Hearts remains the sporting of Lisbon.

El Mundo Specifies that if CR7 junior does not play Real it is not by a lack of aptitude, but really by choice. It is even Cristiano Jr who first asked his father to start with another club, in this case the Pozuelo c. F which evolves in the Madrid suburbs. For a simple reason, some of his classmates play there, including Adrian, the son of Pablo Ibañez, the former player of Atlético Madrid. Other (good) reason, his grandmother does not live very far, which allows her to take her and look for him. Hey Yes Ronaldo have the same concerns as us. Recorded in football at 7, Cristiano Jr has already played his first game and scored a decisive double in the victory of his team 4 to 3. All this under the eyes of Cristiano senior. Like father like son.

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