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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why has he still not extended his contract?

The extension of the contract of Cristiano to Real has still not been signed. Find out what’s stuck.

Why is it hanging around? As we arrive at the end of October, Cristiano Ronaldo has still not extended his contract while his signature was scheduled at the beginning of the season. Where does it get stuck? The Daily Mirror thinks he has the answer. The British newspaper says that CR7 and Real Madrid would not agree on the duration of the contract or on the amount of the salary. While Portuguese would like a new five-year contract, at a rate of EUR 21 million per season, Florentino Pérez himself would be more reasonable, given the advanced age of his number 7. He would have proposed a four-year contract with variable remuneration, depending on his participation and success. Hard to accept for Cristiano for whom age is a taboo subject. If at 31 and a half he does not hesitate to apply for a five-year contract to Real, it is that he has great confidence in his physical abilities.

On the other hand, by extending Cristiano by 5 years, the Real would therefore take the risk of finding himself in 2-3 years with an old dente impossible to sell and handsomely paid. Because the salary also plays. One imagines bad Cristiano accepting variable remuneration while he could touch much more elsewhere. And by repeating a season start like this (4 goals), his variable share is likely to pass under his nose. Anyway, time is pressing for both parties. The current CR7 contract expires in 2018, it will be able to leave free from the summer of 2017, and there is no doubt that the scavengers full of aces like the PSG or Manchester United will throw themselves on the opportunity big shot of millions. 

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