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Cristiano Ronaldo: What was he doing when Messi exploded City?

While Lionel Messi was successful in his return to the Champions league in the face of City, Cristiano Ronaldo had something else to do.

Tuesday is the Champions League! Wednesday too. Well, not for everyone. While Lionel Messi scored his return to the competition by scoring a triple in front of Manchester City (4-0), Cristiano Ronaldo, who had taken advantage of the reception of the Legia Warsaw the day before to become the best passer in the history of the C1, had clearly not planned to land in the couch. The Portuguese preferred a more aesthetic session by posing a mask on the face. Yes, yes, you read it. Cricket also shared this “intimate” moment with his fans by posting in the evening a photo on his Facebook page, accompanied by many emojis.

Do not be afraid, it is the face of Cristiano who hides under this mask the benefits for the skin. And to believe some comments, it would be very effective in purifying the pores. He had well concealed his passion for these beauty products this cricket! So we do not know if the info came to his home but Messi nibbled his delay in the ranking of the best in the Champions league. Regardless, the triple ball of gold has made new skin and may have found the right ingredient to finally launch its season. Are you rather a beauty mask or an LdC party?

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