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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Ronaldo: Neymar gives his opinion!

Neymar unveiled the name of the player with whom he would have liked to evolve. So, Cristiano Ronaldo or Ronaldo (the real)?

Here’s one that’s not going to please Cristiano Ronaldo. In an interview for The Copa90 Channel aired on Youtube, Neymar answered a few questions in relaxed mode. But despite the very cool tone of the interview, the Brazilian made a pass a message. To the question “Are you more Cristiano Ronaldo or Ronaldo?”, Neymar did not hesitate for a long time: “R9.” Ronaldo. phenomenon, the authentic. ” So that’s clear. For Neymar, Ronaldo is the Incarnate class: “I managed to play a little with Ronaldo, but I would have liked to do more.” “I would have liked to play with Ronaldo, Romario and with Pelé.” We too would have dug see Neymar with his illustrious elders, and why not a Dunga and a Roberto Carlos in the history of combining madness, power and game intelligence.

Anyway, this is a new blow to Cristiano Ronaldo who does not support any criticism. The Portuguese saw a difficult start to the season between his injury, his confusion with Xavi and his muddle with Zidane. But hey, this little prick of Neymar should not affect it more than that. The Brazilian often points out that he is a fan of his counterpart and the two buggers also get along very well. At the beginning of the year it is even the Madrid, accustomed to this kind of ceremony, which had guided Neymar the blue in the arcane of the gala of the Golden Ball. So no hard feelings, huh? Do you agree with Neymar?

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