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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Chilavert gives his opinion!

For José-Luis Chilavert, there is no photo between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi.

Decidedly, many are those who want to share their position in the duel between the two cracks Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. And the last one to get wet is no other than José-Luis Chilavert, the unforgettable goalkeeper from Paraguay who has so freaked us out on an afternoon of June 1998 (thanks again Lolo). Since then, time has passed and the former goalkeeper has returned to the game on the occasion of the encounter between Argentina and Paraguay won by visitors 1 goal to 0. On the sidelines of this match so, Chilavert held to Deshare CR7 and the Pulga: “People are ungrateful with Messi in Argentina.” He’s on another planet. There is no other player like him. I would say he (Messi, editor) is on another planet and Ronaldo is on Earth. “That’s the difference for me.” A difference of a few light years that will be, it is doubtful, difficult to cash in for Portuguese.

For Chilavert, Argentina without Messi, bah … It’s not top: “If Messi is not there, Argentina is a normal team, predictable.” When Messi is there everything can happen, it is impossible to stop it. What to do is to get the sombrero out in front of him. “He’s a genius.” A beautiful tribute from this legendary goalkeeper who passed through the RC Strasbourg in the early 2000 years. Chilavert, the Juninho of the Guardians remains very popular in his country, especially thanks to his talent in wood, but also on a kick stopped. During his career, “Chila” scored no less than 62 goals. A total that would make jealous Mamadou Samassaa, the former OM striker who scored 34 goals throughout his career. Ouch. 

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