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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: David Villa gives his opinion!

The former Barca player David Villa entered the “game” of the comparison between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi.

Here, we forgot that one. Exiled to New York City FC, David Villa remains attentive to what happens in Spanish football. And he did not escape the controversy Cristiano Ronaldo/Xavi/Messi. Time difference obliges, the former Spanish international has just brought his point of view to the case. And without surprise, his heart swings on the side of his former Catalan teammates: “Cristiano Ronaldo is a magnificent player,” “It would be hypocritical not to recognize what Cristiano does, but without discrediting anyone, I think Messi is the best of the story because I played with him for three years and I saw him day after day doing amazing things” , he said in an interview for the Cadena Ser. Did he put enough forms to not offend Cristiano’s ego? Not so sure. We know that Portuguese is very fussy when it comes to his talent.

Well, at worst, it’ll be the same fare as for Xavi. Cricket will make fun of the absence of a golden ball in the window of David Villa and then voila. We still hope that the Real Madrid player will play it discreetly. At the beginning of the season it is not possible to say that there is really a match between Cristiano and Messi. In 6 games Cristiano scored only 3 goals. The Argentine shows a much more convincing result with its 7 goals in 6 encounters. It should also be recognized that the injuries also played on their performance, both for one and the other. Until they come back in shape, it’s Edinson Cavani who crushes everything on his way with 11 achievements in 9 games. Careful, guys, your monopoly is under threat! 

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