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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the name of his idol!

At the inauguration of a new hotel in his name, Crisitiano Ronaldo gave an interview in which he reveals himself. CR7 in intimate mode!

We know almost everything about Cristiano Ronaldo the player. The Triple Ball d’or is now the most visible player on social networks and the most tracked footage on the planet. But what do we know about him outside the green rectangle on which he mystifies his opponents? Not much in the end … It is not that he cultivates a great mystery, but CR7 is not the type to talk too much about his private life. Or just what he wants. Normal when you’re a public figure. So when it gets a little bit, it gets interesting. At the inauguration of a new hotel in his name-his second-in Lisbon, he recently gave an interview to the EFE agency in which he answered a few questions Persos. Nothing to do with the round ball, and maybe that’s why the Portuguese got caught up in the game.

So we learn that cricket is a fan of Peter Pan! So we’re afraid to grow up? The Portuguese gave this answer when asked what was the character he admired. Before you burst out laughing. The best scorer in the history of Real Madrid, who also announced wanting several other children and refused the idea of evolving into journalism after his career, did not hesitate at the time to give the name of the idol of his son, modestly called Cristiano Junior: “His father of course!” A way to erase the awkward moment during which he had confessed to Lionel Messi that his son was a fan of him? Youth Error maybe Junior .

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