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Cristiano Ronaldo offers three new records!

Thanks to its quadruple face in Andorra, Cristiano Ronaldo has beaten three records in a single game. Big!

A real puff of air that this Portugal-Andorra for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid player who knows the beginning of the galley season has finally regained a smile in the face of this modest team. But for cricket there is no modest team. He gives himself to the bottom, whether against Andorra or against Brazil, for him it is the same thing. He proved it again Friday night by beating no less than three records in one evening. It must be said that he did not drag. Only 73 seconds after the kickoff it beating already the ball at the bottom of the nets, before doubling the bet 117 seconds later. So Cristiano scored the fastest double in his career but also the earliest doubled in a playoff phase for the World Cup as Mister Chip reveals, the Mister Stats of all kinds. Two records in one; Come on, hop, there’s no time to lose! But it was not enough for the Real Madrid player who put two other goals to buckle the first quadruple of his career in selection. Third record, the account is good!

As a reminder that only one other Portuguese player was able to score 4 goals in an international match. This is Nuno Gomes who had realized the feat in front of Andorra, already … After the meeting which culminated in a victory 6-0 of Portugal, Cristiano gave a few words in a humbling access that is seldom known to him: “I know I am an important player, like the others.” I try to give the best and participate. I feel like I’m useful. I’m very glad I scored after my injury. I like to represent the national team and I want to continue to give the best of myself. “We’re going to do everything we can to win the next game and secure a place in the world.” 

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