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Cristiano Ronaldo in Bale collector mode with his son

When Cristiano Ronaldo has a little free time, he will see his son play. And like all dads, he’s still on the sidelines. Wisely?

Recently, you know that Cristiano Ronaldo is a fan of Peter Pan since he revealed the name of his idol during an interview given to the EFE agency. This childish side of CR7, it is found in his desire to be the father of several children again since he did not conceal his desire for paternity. Well, for now, he’s already served with Cristiano Junior, 6 years old. As by chance, the latter is already in the habit of typing in a ball and is even fired at the club of Pozuelo de Alarcón, a city located in the suburbs of Madrid. Like any good father, cricket will regularly see him, as he explains: “I love to see my son grow up.”

So it’s natural that you can see it on the edge of a football field. But it is in the way of a ball collector that he participates in a game this time. On this video above, we can see him bringing back a ball that had strayed from the terrain. Neither seen nor known (well, except for the one who filmed the scene), Cristiano was able to follow his little protégé behind the billboards. The story does not tell us whether Junior has the same sense of purpose as his “padre” or if he looses a “Uuuuhhh” every time he makes the nets tremble … Isn’t that cute?

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