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Cristiano Ronaldo “Got slaughtered” in Manchester United

Gary Neville mentioned in an interview the special treatment reserved for Cristiano Ronaldo by his teammates of United.

Still one more file on the Manchester United period of Cristiano Ronaldo. After Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs, it is now Gary Neville who recalls how complicated the passage from CR7 to United was (but it was for his good say they). On TalkSport, the former captain of the Red Devils revealed that his teammates were the Portuguese: Cristiano was massacred for two or three years at Manchester United. “He will be able to tell you that he has become a man over there.” The famous English treatment … For Neville, the difference is seen on the ground: “If you see his matches and his actions from his first two or three years, his maturity, his decision, his physique, his arrogance, it all changed after three or four years at the club.”

Neville also rectified the legend. The arrival of cricket in Manchester did not transcended his new partners as by Magic: “He did not come to Manchester United as someone who gave the tone to everyone.” “No one raised his level of play as soon as he arrived, it didn’t happen like that.” Cristiano’s hard work in training is praised by everyone. But for Neville, nothing exceptional, everyone or almost the fact: “He became someone who arrived half an hour before training and left an hour later, but there were 20 players each season who did this every day for 15 years.”

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