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Cristiano Ronaldo farts a cable in training

Shot in ridicule by his teammates during a “Toro”, Cristiano Ronaldo retaliated on the ball and on the journalists.

A tip, if you play (at any game) with Cristiano Ronaldo, it is better to deliberately lose. In any case if you do not want to end up with a ball in the head, an iron in the ribs (if you play Monopoly) or even a wand in the eye (if you play the Mikado). Oh, yes, Cricri hates to lose. He proved it again in training on Friday. During a “Toro” in which he represented the animal, CR7 did not manage to touch the ball once after more than 20 passes of his opponents of the moment. And this is unbearable for Portuguese. So he started to get annoyed and talk to Marcelo (maybe to ask him to let him win or to conjure up some cheating, one does not know). Still, Cristiano has put an end to this little game by releasing the ball to the press gallery. In a scornful tone, he also gave the reporters a sentence of 100% Cricri: “Here you have material for two days!” Bouhouhou CalimeRonaldo is back!

At the same time we would prefer to talk about his super goals with the Real in the Championship but unfortunately he only put one (and not beautiful in addition). Well it’s okay, we’re sure he’ll be Saturday night on the lawn of Betis Seville. On the one hand because his club needs it and he also has to regain confidence under the merengue jersey. And it all seems together for that. The Portuguese remains on 5 goals scored in two games with its selection. His wound behind him and his efficiency recovered, we hope to see the real Cristiano who, instead of complaining for a lost ball, gets high to plant three goals to the opponent. But hey, maybe we’re dreaming … Also read: Cristiano Ronaldo declares his love to Real Madrid. Do you think Ronaldo is a bad player?

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