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Cristiano Ronaldo: Even his jet does not support Barcelona

The plane of Cristiano Ronaldo had an accident on the airport of Barcelona while the Portuguese was not inside.

Chance, fate or simple coincidence, one thing is sure, Barcelona is not the favorite destination of Cristiano Ronaldo. And his plane is not a fan either! According to the Catalan sports daily, the private jet of Portuguese, a Gulfstream G200, crashed on the tarmac of El Prat Airport on Monday evening. Fortunately, no casualty is to be deplored in this crash. CR7 was not in the machine since he had already left for Dortmund with the entire Real Madrid team for the 2nd day of the Champions League. A draw (2-2) that you can live by the way. From the same source, it was a crash of the landing gear that forced the pilot to land urgently.

We see you coming, you wonder why the plane was in service without Cristiano Ronaldo inside, right? Well it’s simple, the toy of CR7, estimated at 19 million euros, is rented to other people when the Portuguese does not use it. Do not see any sign of the fate but if some still asked the question, Barcelona is really not a welcoming destination for cricket. Except when he crashes at Camp Nou to calm everyone down! Would you like to rent the jet of CR7?

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