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Cristiano Ronaldo clashed by a former Manchester United player

In his autobiography, Mads Timm says that at the time of United, Cristiano Ronaldo had already a melon not possible that annoyed not bad his teammates.

Mads Timm, former Manchester United player has written a book about his experience with the Red Devils. Wait, who? Mads Timm! Yes, you are… He played Manchester United from 2002 to 2006. Finally, “play” … He failed to break through and chained the loans until he left. At least he got the free jersey. Now that the presentations are made, let’s get to the facts. Mads Timm has just published his autobiography, soberly titled “Red Devils”. In particular, he described the exacerbated individualism of Cristiano Ronaldo: “He is completely indifferent to the collective.” It was “me, Me, me.” Today it can be awkward when his teammates score in his place. Mentally, he reminds me of me when I was 12 years old. “I think he doesn’t care what people think, and that’s why he survived in the professional world,” he snitched.

“Cristiano Ronaldo was the opposite of me.” I hated the atmosphere in Manchester. He was the opposite. He played, he was concentrated and he had an unwavering faith in himself. “And it was reflected in the field,” said Timm. The Dane also praised the incredible performance of CR7 in training. “I remember a training game in which I was on the left and played right in the other team.” Every time we crossed over, he’d pass me over. I rarely had any breath left after training. “But that day he left me with nothing.” Sometimes too, Ronaldo could be very annoying (it’s not hard to believe): “He feigned 10 to 15 times before dribbling the opponent.” Which, he said, particularly irritated Gary Neville and Solskjaer, who did not privately to tackle Ronaldo. 

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