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Ballon d’or 2016: Domenech gives its opinion

Asked about Antoine Griezmann’s chances to win the 2016 Gold Ball, Raymond Domenech offers a somewhat special analysis.

Uncle Raymond is back! And yes, you probably noticed if for you too, football represents 95% of your interests, Domenech joined the team a few weeks ago as a consultant. So there is a life after Knysna … So the former coach of the French team does not handle the language of wood (as he did at the time of his passage to the head of the Blues) and does not hesitate to get wet a little. In a debate with the readers of the daily newspaper, he gave his opinion on the winner of the future Golden Ball. And on this one, one cannot say that he played it very patriotic: “Griezmann Ballon d’or?” Yes, when God (Lionel Messi, ed.) and his sidekick (Cristiano Ronaldo) will be dead … At some point, there will be a succession. He’ll be one of the candidates. “He is young, he still has a few years in front of him.”

Here, take this in the face Antoine … As could be expected, Domenech has put forward some well-known arguments to explain his opinion: “It is a pity that he was not a champion of Europe, in club as in selection.” He will have that recognition, one day or another, of a talented player. He’s breathing what we see at Messi’s. “He does not have the power of Ronaldo, but he has this bit of Messi genius.” Well, that’s already it … On our side, we do not bite and we think that Griezmann can still believe the next Golden Ball. What do you think of Domenech’s opinion?

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