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Ballon d’or 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo does not see (yet)

Asked about the possibility of winning the next Golden Ball, Cristiano Ronaldo preferred to kick. Even if he believes it more than ever.

This is not the time to think about it yet. But it smells good anyway. You know, for the election of the next Golden Ball, only a college of journalists will have the right to vote. This is the end of the time when the captains and breeders of each country gave their opinion. Often not very objective for that matter. And honestly, we don’t see how Cristiano Ronaldo, who declared his love for Real Madrid, might not raise the trophy for the fourth time in his career after his already busy year: winner and top scorer of the Champions League, winner of the Euro. Yet CR7 assures him, he does not think about it. “It is still too early,” he explained in a given interview for Marca and La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Of course, it would enchant me but it does not depend on me.”

Well, if, a little bit of a Cricri, let’s see! No worries, the Portuguese will give everything so that there is no doubt about the future laureate. But he learned to be patient (normal when we know that he waited five years between his first and second Golden Ball). “It’s clear that I’d love to win the Golden Ball after the season I made.” But there are many matches to be played and a lot of goals to score. “I’m very quiet about this.” And if it’s quiet, it’s that it’s pretty sure of it actually … Who do you think will win the next Golden Ball?

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