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Real Madrid: Gareth Bale at the same salary as Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos would be jealous

Sergio Ramos would be jealous of the new emoluments of Gareth Bale at Real Madrid, which are the level of those of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The information was formalized this Sunday: Gareth Bale extended his contract with Real Madrid. The Welsh winger is now linked to the White House until 2022. The Welshman had arrived in 2013 in for 100 million euros, coming from Tottenham. It was already a record at the time, before Paul Pogba went through it. Bale had already surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo, who had joined Spain against a check of 94 million euros. This is now another field on which Gareth Bale is teasing his Portuguese teammate. CR7 is paid about 20 million euros to Real Madrid. With its extension, Bale would be more than 18 million.

In detail, it would give us a priori 388 000 euros a week after taxes. Not enough to defraud the URSSAF, actually. And it makes your teeth cringe, in the dressing room of Zein. Sergio Ramos would not be hyper happy after all these extensions: Toni Kroos and Luka Modric have also re-upped recently. But it’s mostly Bale’s pay that’s bothering him. It must be understood: With only 10-11 million euros a year, the 30-year-old defender must trim to make ends meet and feed children that he does not have. So he feels less important at the club. Bichette. He should have been prepared: it was expected that Gareth Bale would extend to Real Madrid with a very lucrative contract. Come on, no jealous Sergio, you’re also going to get rewarded for this intox and you’ll get your raise. Without the help of the unions. You think Sergio Ramos is going to ask for a raise?

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