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Lionel Messi, Zidane, Mourinho … Cristiano Ronaldo is praising

Cristiano Ronaldo did not only confess that he had his strength in the critics of his “enemies”. He also gave his opinion on three important players in his career.

When you are a journalist and we have the chance to sit next to Cristiano Ronaldo for a few minutes, we prepare this short interview meticulously. And no question of teasing the Lord of Real Madrid. Because at this moment, the Portuguese has a little bad because of its lack of cynicism in front of the cages (4 goals in 9 meetings). So the members of Coach Magazine’s writing have wisely avoided this thorny subject during their interview with the double European champion.

Instead, they encouraged the Merengue to go back to his memories, where José Mourinho was still his coach at the Real. Despite the clashes between the two compatriots, CR7 had soft words for the slack: “I played for many coaches, but Mourinho was the great thinker.” “He was studying everything in every detail.” Continuing on with his momentum, Cristiano Ronaldo even managed to say the good of Messi: “We are not good friends, but there is respect on both sides.” “The media sells a great rivalry, but it does not exist.” And also, he had the right to be enthused: “It was a great season for me in Madrid and Zidane was the proper coach.” All these commendable words could never have come out of his mouth if the journalists had shown him a compilation of his failures from the beginning of the season.

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