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Lionel Messi offers a new record in the Champions league

Even though Barca lost to Manchester City (3-1), Lionel Messi took advantage of this game to beat a new record. Yes, it’s still possible.

He did not make the trip to England for nothing. Despite the defeat of Barca on the lawn of Manchester City (3-1) on Tuesday in the Champions League, Lionel Messi took advantage of this game to enter a little more in the legend. Author of the only Catalan goal, he scored his 54th goal in the competition in the hen phase. The 54th out of the 90 already entered in total in its career in C1. The Argentine thus surpassed the Spaniard Raul, who had planted 53 of his 71 pawns in the LOC during the matches of Hens. From there to say that the former striker of Real Madrid was especially pleased during the easier matches? There is only one step that we will not cross!

With already 7 goals in just three matches of C1 this season, Messi remains the second highest scorer in the history of the competition since with his 90 units, he is always ahead of the Invincible Cristiano Ronaldo (95), which could get even closer to the bar of the 100 goals this Wednesday facing the Legia Warsaw. The Portuguese, it, proves by its stats that it crashes almost as much in the hens phase (51) as from the eighths (44). The pressure? He likes it, cricket! To read also: Lionel Messi insulted by players from Manchester City? Who of CR7 or Messi will first cross the bar of the 100 goals in C1?

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