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Gold Ball 2016: When do the votes stop?

Gold Ball 2016

While the identity of the future Golden Ball will be known on December 13th, you are explained why the games are (almost) already made.

To find out who will win the 2016 Gold ball, it is necessary to analyze the entire calendar year. Well, almost. Because everything that happens in December does not really matter. While it will be unveiled on December 13th by France Football during a special issue, the famous trophy rewards the player who won the most votes at the end of November. More exactly on Sunday, November 27th, closing day of the journalists ‘ votes. So, let us say it, what will happen on the lawn of Camp Nou at the Clasico Barça-Real Madrid on December 3 will not change anything to the given. Above all, it means that there are only two matches left for the main contenders to stand out and score points.

Of course, there will be no trophy to attribute during this week, which means that the list will remain largely to the advantage of Cristiano Ronaldo on this year 2016 after his victories in the Champions League (top scorer) and the Euro. And since it is not bad in timing, CR7 has just slammed a triplet against Atlético. Solid! Cricket should enjoy the matches against Sporting Portugal in the Champions League (22 November) and sporting Gijon in La Liga (November 26) to stop the suspense. On their side, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez or Antoine Griezmann will try to put on the goals like pearls in their next two matches. But without a big opponent, it’s hard to tip the scales

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