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Gold Ball 2016: Messi or Ronaldo? Wenger does not care, the evidence

While the planet football debate on the next Golden Ball, Arsène Wenger remains nicely away from the battle of arguments. He was not even aware of the 30 appointed.

Arsène Wenger is obviously too busy holding the Gunners on the podium of the Premier League to discuss the Golden Ball. Recently interviewed by a British journalist, the one who is currently head of the Manchester City Dolphin (20 pts like the citizens) illustrated his lack of interest in the Golden Ball. As you surely know, his German playmaker Mesut Özil is one of the surprising missing from the list of nominees for the title of Footballer of the Year 2016. 

History of joking during a press conference, our colleague asked the Alsatian to react to the nomination of the world Champion 2014. The suite is masterful. “Of course, it’s certainly a big satisfaction for him and for us, but basically I’m against it because I think it stays in the players ‘ heads.” The tactician then detailed why he does not taste the golden trophy. “We’ve seen a lot of players think only of them and be obsessed with the Golden Ball and not by the performance of their team …” “I believe that football is a collective sport and we are already living in a world where everything is individualized”. Also discover how Karim Benzema reacted after his non-selection in the list of 30 for the Golden Ball. What do you think of the statements of Arsènne Wenger?

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