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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why it should blaze against the Legia Varsovie

For his trip to Varsovie, Real Madrid will be able to count on a Cristiano Ronaldo inflated. That’s why!

He’s back! Not that he was gone but Cristiano Ronaldo has finally come out a big game in which he shone this season with Real Madrid. On the last day of Liga, the Portuguese registered a triplet allowing his team to impose (4-1) on the lawn of Alavés. Okay OK, he also missed a penalty, but this perf allowed him to chase his doubts (if he happens to doubt). Because in addition to the beginning of the season below its usual statistics, CR7 must also wait for the extension of his contract. And as Florentino Pérez makes him wait while taking care of the cases of Kroos, Modric and Bale, cricket has something to be impatient. But in front of the Legia Varsovie this Wednesday in the Champions League, we are willing to bet that he will resume his good habits.

In addition to the full confidence he made last weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to lead his teammates with the captain’s armband (big respect) in Poland since Sergio Ramos, Pepe and Marcelo are absent for this appointment. The opportunity for the Portuguese star to shine even more. And even if the meeting will take place behind closed doors after the sanction against the club of Varsovie and its ultras, it will be inflated to block to approach the bar of the 100 goals in the Champions League. With 95 pawns on the counter, it should not be too late to achieve this. The goal is now to get there before Lionel Messi (90), who continues to scrounge his delay. How many goals CR7 will mark in Varsovie?

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