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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Carragher gives his opinion!

Discover who of Cristiano or Messi has the favors of Jamie Carragher.

Jamie Carragher always has a very clear-cut opinion. And this is obviously the case when it comes to comparing Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. In his column for the Daily Mail, the former Liverpool player does not do any manners. For him the best is Messi, point barre: “There is a big difference between the two.” “I never hid which side I am: 100% for Messi.” He who was a rough defender explained why he did not carry Ronaldo in his heart: “I have the sensation that Cristiano would be more satisfied if he won the Golden Ball than when he won the Champions League.” An allusion to the controversy that had opposed CR7 to Xavi a few weeks ago. Very angry that the Spaniard prefers him Messi, cricket had then retorted to Xavi that he had never won a gold ball.

Jamie Carragher does not stop in such a good way: “The example of his ambition was seen against the athletic.” I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw him challenge the goal of Morata, his teammate on the team, pointing out that he was offside. “His teammates say it’s been misinterpreted, but just see the pictures.” It has been understood, it is more the individualism of CR7 which annoys Carragher, than its performance on the ground. In fact, the former Manchester United player put things to the clear on Saturday by signing a triple in front of Deportivo Alavés. Also read: Cristiano Ronaldo trolled by Bayern Munich and Peter Crouch do you agree with Jamie Carragher?

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