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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Who marks the most in the Clasico?

Between Messi and CR7, who is the hangman of the other in the unmissable shocks of the Clasico? The answer with those numbers that don’t lie.

A lecture filled with mathematicians would hold 4 hours (easy) to classify, post and analyze the prowess of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. And perhaps one more thing to do is to identify their shots during the big meetings. Moreover, the next one will be held this Saturday, with the 86th Clasico organized in Catalan lands (10 sur beIN Sports 1). Before the merengue and Blaugrana tunics colour the meadow of Camp Nou, it is time again to take out the calculators to confront the Pulga to cricket, who will fight for the 27th time in the Liga.

If it is indeed Portuguese who was the last of the two rivals to have scored in a Clasico (April 2, last April, victory of Real 1-2), the Argentine really does not have anything to be jealous. He knows full well that Cristiano makes the race to his record of goals recorded during this game 100% Spanish. The five-ball d’or spent 21 pawns in the Madrid, while the defending European champion did not have a hole in Barca’s nets until 16 times. Once again, there will be a match in the game in this 173rd Clasico of the history of the round ball. 

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