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Cristiano Ronaldo unveils the best memory of his career

With everything he has gained in his career, hard for Cristiano Ronaldo to choose the best time. But he still has a little idea.
When you have (almost) won everything like Cristiano Ronaldo, we imagine that it is not easy to choose the best time. Yet even in the head of CR7, there are moments more important than others. During the presentation of the Nike Mercurial News in Lisbon last week, the Portuguese played the game and unveiled this memory that still makes it vibrate today. The victory to the Euro? His first Champions league? A victory in Clasico? None of this! What he holds above all is his arrival in Manchester. Nothing to do with the climate of course. It all started with the match between the Sporting Lisbon and MU in August 2003: “I remember two days before the game, I was with my teammates and one of them said to me: ‘ You can imagine, if you play well against Manchester United, you could play there! 
rest belongs to the story as the other one would say: “I told him: ‘ No wait, it’s too soon, it’s too early ‘.” This was the key because I played the game well that night. At the end of the match, Sir Alex Ferguson came to me to ask me to come see the training conditions in Manchester. Two days after the game, I was there. And I thought that by signing the contract I was going to be able to return to Lisbon. But he (Ferguson) replied “No, you’re going to stay here and train with us tomorrow.” I was nervous! It was a fantastic surprise. Things then came naturally. “Signing up at Manchester United was probably the happiest moment in my life.” It’s for you, Fergie!

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