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Cristiano Ronaldo should sulk Zidane for the best coach in 2016

As he waits for the Golden Ball, Cristiano Ronaldo also has his say for another trophy, that of the best coach of the year. And Zidane is not his first choice.

As you know, the end of the year 2016 will see the Golden Ball reward the best player of the last twelve months according to a college of journalists. But as FIFA and France football have divorced, the World Football Forum decided to create its own trophies, modestly called the Best. In order to assign them, FIFA will give a voice to each captain and breeder of the affiliated countries. Cristiano Ronaldo will have a say in the title of best coach. And obviously, Portuguese prefers to play it patriotic on this one. “It’s complicated to choose who to vote for,” he explained to the Spanish sports daily Marca. The two coaches (Santos and Zidane, ed.) have done some very difficult things, but I think it is a little more complicated to win the Euro with Portugal, which has never won it yet.

So, it is to Fernando Santos, the breeder of the Selecçao, that the vote of CR7 should go. A largely understandable decision as long as Portugal was not necessarily expected on the roof of Europe last July. Well, you can’t imagine you’re doing the face for it anyway! He in any case would have voted for his foal for the Golden Ball if he had had the possibility: “En 2016, he (Cristiano, ed.) did a lot, not only at the individual level but also at the collective level.” He knows that it is for his work and also for the rest of the team. He deserves the golden ball. Clearly “. For the Best, the names of the three finalists will be known on December 2 and the winner on January 9, 2017. History of extending the holidays!

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