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Cristiano Ronaldo Room Barca before the Clasico

In a good dynamic with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo launched a message to Barça a few days from the first Clasico of the season. It already smells like gunpowder!

He’s in the game! After a season start a little winded compared to what it is able to do, Cristiano Ronaldo looks well launched. And when the Portuguese moves on, he’s not faking it. Author of a triplet against Atlético Madrid (3-0) last week, he released Real Madrid from the game trap against Sporting Gijón (2-1) by slamming a double on the 13th day of Liga. An perf ‘ that allows the merengue club to take six points ahead of Barca at the top of the Spanish championship, while CR7, he, took control of the ranking of the scorers. Before Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. I might as well say that, cricket, he loves it!

So Portuguese allowed himself to send a small message to the Catalan club via a post on his Twitter account. And here’s what he has to say: “The Clasico arrives in five days, it’ll come soon.” “And so am I.” A way to prevent the Camp Nou that the N ° 7 Madrid has the fangs well sharpened. It is not known whether the invincibility of Real this season in La Liga will continue in Barcelona but one thing is certain, if the guys of Zend are to impose themselves, they would put their opponents at nine points! And the last time they came to visit the Blaugrana, it was with the victory that they had left (2-1). It already smells like the game of phew! Who will win the next Clasico?

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