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Cristiano Ronaldo: Rio Ferdinand unveils his best memory

Cristiano Ronaldo’s great friend since the Portuguese passage to Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand unveiled for melty his best memory with CR7.

Fate has brought them together in Manchester and since then, they have been very buddies. Rio Ferdinand and Cristiano Ronaldo have written some of the most beautiful pages in the history of MU and have kept souvenirs of their passage from the side of Old Trafford. So when we met CR7 in Lisbon for the release of the new Nike Mercurial, Rio was necessarily the game. Almost as master of ceremonies to animate the press conference in honor of the Triple gold ball. We did not resist the urge to ask him some questions, and in particular that of his best “memoery” with the Portuguese star. “Without a doubt, my best memory with him was to win the Champions league with Manchester United (en 2008, ed.),” he explained. “I remember lifting the cup with him, it was a really good time.”

Ah, the beautiful days of the Red Devils! The one where the manager knew what to do with his players and where the midfielder 100% British (Scholes, Carrick, Giggs) had almost nothing to cost the club. In fact, we tried to question Rio on the current results of ManU, but he kicked in: “It’s still too early to judge the Manchester season.” A way to admit that it’s not really madness right now at the “Theatre of Dreams” … And if not, a PTI prono for the next Clasico? “If Messi or Ronaldo is not at 100%, the other team will have an advantage as they are two key players in this kind of game.” Thanks for the Rio lighting!

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