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Cristiano Ronaldo: “The next Cristiano does not exist”

When we met the Real Madrid star, we did not expect to hear such a reaction from him. According to CR7, “his double does not exist yet”.

On the occasion of the presentation of the new Mercurial shoe of Nike in Lisbon, of which Cristiano Ronaldo is the ambassador, we were able to sit in front of the double champion of Europe in title for several minutes. A sufficient timing to exchange on several subjects that you are passionate about (and we also). From the next Golden Ball to Zidane, by crocheting on his contract with the comma and freestyle foot mark, the Comandante of Real Madrid has not been terse on any of our questions. And you’ll get confirmation by listening to the interview below.

The year 2016 was the most lucrative in the career of the Lusitanian. After raising two European titles (the Champions League and the Euro), he touched the commercial grail by signing a lifetime lease with Nike. “For me, there is no doubt that this was my best season.” We totally understand. During these months of Cristiano’s success, however, he found a little free time to stand in front of videos of exploits of the artists of the round ball. “I’m a fan of freestylers, guys who are champions, and I love watching them on YouTube.” Source of Inspi ‘? Not really, since the triple gold ball is obsessed by the goal. Not by the jonges.

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