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Cristiano Ronaldo: Moved by his homage, he thanks the sporting

Back on the lawn of sporting Tuesday in the Champions League, CR7 was touched by the reception that was reserved for him. It’s Miiiiignon!

As we announced before the Champions League game between Sporting Portugal and Real Madrid, the return of Cristiano Ronaldo on the lawn of the Stade José-Alvalade was going to be full of emotion for CR7, who wanted to shine there. And we were not mistaken! Greeted in real legend in the club that completed his training and launched his career pro (with László Bölöni on the bench …), he was entitled to a Message “Bem-Vindo a casa, Ronaldo”. Translate “Welcome home, Ronaldo”. It is not known whether it was the emotion that cut his legs but on the ground, cricket was not decisive despite the victory of Real (2-1). Big Cock-a-doodle-doo since it is Varan and Benzema who planted for the Madrid.

After the meeting, the Portuguese left a message on its social networks to thank the supporters of sporting: “Very touched and moved by the homage of today.” “Thanks to sporting for this beautiful moment in my life.” followed by a double heart on them please! It’s beautiful. The future quadruple Golden Ball (barely wet) has had a good evening and has enjoyed its return to Lisbon despite its silence in front of the cage. And just for that, we say “hat” to the sporting supporters! What do you think of this welcome reserved for CR7?

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