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Cristiano Ronaldo insults the referee after taking a yellow card

Mute this Sunday against Leganés, Cristiano Ronaldo insulted the referee of the encounter after receiving a yellow card. Find out what he ratted out.

Nervous, cricket. Sunday noon, at the time of the traditional family meal, the players of Real Madrid were on the bridge to confront Leganés on the lawn of Santiago-Bernabéu. It is not known whether it is the seum to have lost its fat mat ‘ on Sunday morning, but Cristiano Ronaldo was a bad hair throughout the game. It has to be said that it started badly. From the 17th minute referee Mateu Lahoz took a yellow card against the Portuguese for having a little too much disputed a decision. Far from calming him down, this yellow card has lost his nerves to Cristiano who has released a “Fuck off” to the referee, in the language of Shakespeare as the daily Sport is responsible. This time, Lahoz did not flinch. In order not to fix anything, Gareth Bale took the hinges out of his way a few minutes later after he had “forgotten” about an action that could have led to the goal.

Unlike Cristiano, this Sunday’s outing has done good to Gareth Bale who has closed the meeting with two goals thanks to which he returns to equality with the Portuguese in terms of achievements (7). And that’s not a good thing for friend cricket. Finally, the Real was imposed 3 -0 (the last goal was the work of Alvaro Morata) and takes the broad head of the ranking of La Liga with 5 points ahead of Barca that counts one less match. If cricket has not scored, this day is still to score a white stone for him. The player arrived in 2009 at the Casa Blanca just saw his lease to Real Madrid extended until 2021. A good reason not to sulk tonight, eh, cricket? Do you think CR7 should calm down a bit?

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